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Our company TaxiRent

Car hire in Switzerland from TaxiRent is the best choice for every job seeker.

The vehicle fleet of our centre is represented by various categories of cars to meet the needs of all customers. Among the proposals of the model from the leading brands of our time: Renault, Skoda, Mercedes and Tesla.

You can get acquainted with the advantages of renting in the list of additional services on the “reservation” page. In most cases, ordering additional vehicle options is much easier and more convenient to place online, rather than offline.

In particular, you can take advantage of the proposal for additional safety on the roads, the operation of the GPS navigation system, the coating of tires and the windshield. A special point that deserves the attention of car tenants are child seats, which you should also worry about in advance.

With TaxiRent you can always be sure of the safety and reliable maintenance of the car. This is made available thanks to the constant support of the fleet in accordance with international standards. Serious attention is paid to the year of release of the car, as well as control for its safety.

  • No stress financial department.
  • Reliable selection of popular cars.
  • 6 offers on the site, trusted by the community.
  • Maintain your car to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services.
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